Smirnoff is a cat that came to Rescue Paws after being mauled by a dog. Her injuries were luckily just surface injuries so she had good odds. 

She was suppose to be gone and healed within two weeks but once the vet had taken out her stitiches she opened them back up. She had a tendency of rolling around on the floor, always wanting to be with the dogs. She was extremely cuddly and paid no attention to her wound so it easily kept opening. She was a brave kitty and the vet even gave her a couple stitches without any pain meds and she sat there and purred while we scratched her neck. 

When I left Rescue Paws she was still there healing and for about a month after. She just didn’t want to leave her new home. 


Olive & Bean 

Olive and Bean are two female pups that got dropped off at rescue paws. 
As we finished up the rounds at the clinic we headed to the kennels to clean, feed and walk the dogs. On our way there we saw two little heads pop up from around the corner. They were wagging there tails and we gave them some food. Unsure if whether or not they were temple dogs that we just haven’t seen before we made sure we kept an eye on them while we cleaned the kennels and took care of those dogs. They didn’t leave our sight except to lay under a bush where they must of slept last night. We were going to walk the dogs and they kept following us, this wasn’t good because not all of our dogs like puppies and would growl and snap at them. We ran and told our Vet that we had two little puppies around the kennels. She came to look at them and told us they must have been dumped here so we took them in. We placed them in a kennel and proceeded with our duties. Once we were done we could tend to them. We made sure they were fed and the vet collected blood from them to see their health status. They already knew how to sit on command so it was obvious to us that they were owned before. After a couple days their blood came back and they were healthy! Which means they could be spayed right away and put up for adoption. 

One of the volunteers at the time fell in love with Olive so she convinced her sister so adopt her and took her back with her to Canada. Bean is still up for adoption but is a very cleaver and well behaved girl as well as adorable! 


Alpha was a temple dog who was owned by the head monk. He was named alpha because of how protective he use to be, being the alpha of the temple chasing dogs and people away from his home. People were generally weary of him because he had a tendacy of chasing them if they were strangers. 

 Three years ago when Reacue Paws was made he changed. He must of realized that they were there to help him and the surrounding dogs because he was so welcoming of the people and new dogs that were brought in by them. He was gentle with puppies and would follow visitors and volunteers to the beach. He no longer was aggressive and found a new way of keeping everyone in their place. 

Alpha was loved by everyone and was always well taken care of. Street dogs don’t live as long as other dogs even if he was owned and taken care. He passed away this September 2017 and will be missed by everyone. 


Pancake was taken to Reacue Paws to be spayed by her owner. Unforanetly pancakes platelets were too low for her to under go surgery, so she was put on medication. She kept getting her blood checked every month and it still wasn’t high enough for the vet to feel safe putting her under anesthetic. 

Pancake is a lovely dog, she is so playful and good with all of the puppies we get. She absolutely loves the water. She can’t wait to go to the beach every day and will swim and swim! 

Pancakes owner is a nun and disappears from us regularly. She will be in contact and then over a month she is no where to be found. They have wanted to adopt Pancake to Canada but since she still actually has an owner without their consent they obviously can not. So she has been at rescue paws for months. Just waiting to be healthy enough and waiting to hopefully be taken back by her owner. She is a beautiful, energetic girl. 


Mitch was a street dog when, as a pup, he was hit by a car. He was taken in by a women who tried to nurse him back to health but the extent of his injuries were too severe for her knowledge. She then contacted Rescue Paws and they took him in. Upon his arrival he was taken to the hospital right away. At the hospital the vet proceeded to put pins in both of this back legs since they had both been broken. He required physiotherapy everyday if he was going to have a chance to walk properly.


Since he was a puppy and still growing the physio helped him tremendously. He had a pin removed in one of his legs but his other leg still required for him to keep the pins in it. While his back legs are not completely mobile they do allow him to walk, but because his front legs are doing most of the work he gets tired easily. He still requires physiotherapy as well as hydrotherapy to keep his back legs mobile, and as he is still growing he gets better everyday.

He was put up for international adoption and had a lovely girl in Canada wanting to adopt him and another dog that also was hit by a car and required extensive physiotherapy. Unfortunately for Mitch he needed an attitude adjustment if he was going to be adopted with this other dog.  This girl was only going to agree to adopt Mitch if he got a long well with Woolfie (the other dog she initially wanted to adopt) and Mitch was not the biggest fan of other dogs. So we decided to stop babying him and have him put into a kennel with another dog that was very sweet and tolerable to puppies but proceeded to be the boss with them. It worked wonders and Mitch slowly enjoyed other dogs company. He ended up going to a different family in Canada, but still a very good home for him!



Ruby is a street dog who is fed and over all taken care of by someone. The lady who takes care of her brought her in to be spayed. Ruby was absolutely terrified. When she was given to us we had placed her inside the clinic in her own room away from all of the other dogs. She sat in the corner staring and drooling- it was heart breaking- because of how terrified she was they wanted to sterilize her as soon as possible.  She was moved to the kennels where she would stay until the vets had the time to spay her.


Only a few days later she was ready to be spayed. When I went into her kennel to retrieve her she wouldn’t let me near her. She cowered in fear and I was unsure if she would bite me because of this. So I took my time with her and sat with her until I felt she was starting to warm up. She let me pet her and I put my trust into her that she would not bite me and proceeded to put her leash on her. I knew she would never walk all the way to the clinic on her own so I proceeded to carry her the whole way. This was probably one of the first moments that I started to bond with her.

After a dog gets sterilized they spend a few days in the clinic to be monitored while they heal. Because of how shy she was they decided to keep her in the clinic the whole time she was healing. She slowly started to open up. Eventually you couldn’t enter the clinic without her being right by your side and showering you with kisses. She didn’t know what personal space was and none of us really cared. Her transformation was so drastic that  one of the volunteers didn’t even recognize her from a week ago. Ruby, I believe, was the reason that Baby stopped growling at the other dogs. They formed a bond and it bettered the both of them.

Ruby was returned to her “owner” and it was a sad day, but she was going back to where she came from where i’m sure she is a much happier dog.


Barney was dumped on temple grounds where Rescue Paws is located. She was dumped with her newly born puppies. Unfortunately there were 5 but only 2 of her puppies survived, but they are healthy and growing and are now awaiting their adoption! B1 and B2, both female, are splitting images of their mom.

Apparently Barney use to be not so nice of a dog- but who can really blame her. Being dumped with her new born puppies and having to carry around two large mammary tumors can’t be a picnic. Since then she has had one removed and they are planning on removing the other one as well. She has grown into a loving dog.

She is currently a little trouble maker, constantly getting dirty in the swamp across the road. Always wanting to be the center of attention, she is very vocal when it comes to her food- apparently meaning she doesn’t respect the ones feeding her. Overall shes a very sweet girl, she loves following the volunteers to the kennels and to the beach when we take out the other dogs. She insists in playing the mom role to all of the younger pups and cats we have.

Since she was dumped at the temple she couldn’t be returned to her pack- assuming that she even had one- and since she currently doesn’t have a new one shes constantly getting bullied by the other temple dogs when she steps on ‘their turf.’ But that doesn’t stop her from exploring and being a happy dog! I personally like to think that the people of rescue paws and the dogs that stay there are kind of like her pack as we look out for one another. So she currently is staying at Rescue Paws, potentially waiting to be adopted in the future.



Baby first came to Rescue Paws to be spayed, as the majority of animals do. Once she had been spayed and recovered they returned her to her pack. She was reluctant to rejoin them when the volunteers went to drop her off. She kept running back to the jeep, but unfortunately as Rescue Paws is not a shelter and has limited funds they had to try and give her back to her pack.

A week later they returned to check on her- like they do with all the dogs they return to the streets. Sadly she was very thin and had wounds from getting into fights with the other dogs, it was obvious her pack did not accept her back.

So, Rescue Paws took her back! Her wounds are now healed- although she has not grow hair back in those places and they aren’t sure that she ever will- and she is now well overweight! They decided to adopt her out since it was obvious she would no longer survive on the streets. They were successful and a lovely family in Canada wanted to bring her home.

She is gentle and very tolerable to humans. She can be cranky with the other dogs but slowly is getting better and better. She has a tendency to steal the other dogs food and would never stop eating if we let her!


I started writing down each dog I could remember that I met while abroad so that their stories would be out there and whether or not anyone reads this is fine because I know I will always remember them.